External Shading Products

External Shading Products guaranty you the most comfort and the widest array of benefits from all the Shading Products and devices.

Due to these Products being mounted on the outside facade of your home they are achieving the very best performance when it comes to privacy, safety, noise reduction, light and glare control, energy efficiency, automation and enhancing the comfort and living quality of your home.

Privacy through External Shading

Privacy is easily achievable in almost every situation with External Shading Products. No matter if you are aiming to generate more privacy in your home or in areas like the Patio, Veranda, Pool, Carport or your Greenhouse… External Shading Products are a reliable, convenient and unbeatable solution for your project.

Safety through External Shading

Unrivaled Safety can be provided by External Shading Products such as Roller Shutters. Which also can not only be installed on the facade of your Home but also in many other locations around your property such as the Garage, Greenhouse, even the rear gate in the Fence could be replaced with a Roller Shutter to provide more safety and convenience! And the best part is, no matter what the location and how close or far from the nearest Power supply your Roller Shutter is, you can still count on the convenience of a Remote Controlled, Motorized unit, through a Solar Powered Roller Shutter System which can be installed remotely and reliable in any location on the property without the need for grid power supply…

Noise Reduction

By installing External Shading Products such as a Roller Shutter in front of your windows you can drastically reduce the Noise levels from your surroundings! Not only is this a great relieve for everyone living close to a busy road, train, tram or any other noise polluting location.

But Imagine, your baby or kids could sleep right trough or extend the afternoon nap by an hour because, at the push of a button you not only have control over the light situation in the room… But also can completely block or at least massively reduce the outside noise of your neighbors dog barking or someone slamming their car door shut…

Light and Glare Control

External Shading Products enable you to have light and glare control of the interior space. The absolute unrivaled Product to achieve maximum control over the ambient light situation of the interior space are External Venetian Blinds. All over Europe they are used in Office buildings to ensure a pleasant light situation, thus enhancing the productivity significantly as they eliminate the glare on computer and tv screens. External Venetian Blinds also are the perfect choice if you would like to be able to enjoy the view while maintaining a high level of privacy. As the tilting slats will enable you to see out while they obstruct the view looking in.

Automation and Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency and Automation of your External Shading Products can go hand in hand to achieve an even greater level of comfort and living quality in your home!

Just imagine, coming home to a well tempered house at any time of the day or even year! All without the need to run your Air-con or Heater on autopilot while they are chewing through massive amounts of electricity and also giving your hard earned income a decent cut…

With Automated External Shading devices you own a the greatest Solution to your heating and cooling needs. Outright. At a, normally smaller, investment as your new aircon or heater would have been. And all this while generating a comforting and healthy living environment.

An Automated External Shading System, such as a BUS, Wisotronic, Connexoon RTS or any other home automating system can provide you with a vast option of automated parameters. You could, for instance pick a preferred temperature range and have your External Shading devices, controlled by your home automation system run your Blinds down to prevent the sun from penetrating your windows and therefore heating up the house. On the flipside, in winter, your Roller Shutters would close automatically as soon as the sun has set. So that, as there is no more potential heat generated by the sun light entering your house, the Roller Shutters provide you with a massive insulation layer on the most prone part of your house for heat loss, your window and Door areas.

To take this even further, some systems provide you with an “If this then that” automation which you can easily control of your Smart Phone. This provides you with a whole new level of smart home, as it can not only run according to parameters but also you can prioritize your personal preferences…

Energy Efficiency is turned into a fun and automatic bonus really if you consider all the options an Automated External Shading System provides you with. The fact that you are saving loads of electricity and also big $ by simply lowering your blinds to block the heat or cold out, be it automated or by the “manual” push of a button, as minor as it seems, can have a gigantic impact on the Energy Efficiency and Consumption of your home. You could for instance, by lowering your External Blinds, which takes around 30 seconds, depending on the unit size, avoid running your Air-con for hours on end, wasting energy and unnecessarily pollution our planet…